martes, 2 de junio de 2009

the intra-family violence
The intra-family violence is any type of abuse authority from a member of the family on another one. This abuse includes I mistreat physicist, psychological or of any other type. It is considered that intra-family violence in a home, if there is a repetitive violent attitude, not by a single isolated fact exists.
For my the intra-family violence is an abuse towards a person who mistreats psychological and verbally since this occurs because of she mistreated towards innocent people or a familiar victim . The types of considered acts as it leaves from the intra-family violence are serious incident blows or, insults, economic handling, threats, blackmails, control of activities, sexual abuse, isolation, prohibition to work abroad, affective abandonment, humiliation and nonrespecof opinions. All these types of maltratos can be classified in physicists, if it is attempted against the body of the other person; psychological, if the attempt to cause fear, the intimidation or any type of insult, disqualification or attempt of control exist; sexual, if there is an imposed sexual act or against the will of the victim; and economic, if the basic needs are not covered with the person.